Who we are
The Eastern and Coastal Diocese is one of the twenty Dioceses of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania.

The Diocese is structured in districts, each headed by a district pastor. The Diocese has six districts: Ilala, Kibaha, Kinondoni, Maneromango, Temeke and Zanzibar. The Diocese currently has 80 parishes and 141 sub parishes with 157 church buildings.. The current membership of the church as per 2010 records stands at 190,393 adults and 23,680 children. The congregations are spread all over the three Districts of the Dar es Salaam Region, five Districts of the Coastal Region and in Zanzibar. Urban congregations are much stronger however; most of them have partnerships with rural congregations.

There are 108 pastors (September 2012) including the Bishop and the Assistant to the Bishop. Ten percent are women pastors. There are 176 evangelists and 83 parish workers. Apart from these clergy other co-workers include 26 in administration and management, 64 Accountants, 75 in Social services departments, 16 at Upendo Radio FM, while the Kisarawe Lutheran Junior Seminary has 34 employees.

The Diocese runs seven institutions. The objectives of establishing these institutions are to enhance the main church work/activity of mission and evangelism; to compliment the mission and evangelism work; to improve the quality of life of people in the society and to strengthen the capacity and capability of the community. These institutions are: Mtoni Diaconic Lutheran Centre, Kisarawe Lutheran Junior Seminary, Upendo FM Radio, Tumaini University Dar es Salaam College, Maneromango Bible and Home Crafts School.

The Diocese has a Medical and Social Welfare Department and seven dispensaries in Kisarawe, Maneromango, Mjawa, Mtoni, Mwalusembe, Sangwe and Zanzibar. It is offering social services like an HIV/AIDS program to orphans, widows, PLWHA (infected), families of PLWHA (affected); counselling; mitigation and material support (food, clothing).

Women and children constitute more than 60% of the church membership. Women are engaged in various activities in the church, including Bible study, prayer meeting, knitting, and visits to sick and elder people. The Diocese has built a women centre in Kibaha. The centre runs a sewing school. Currently there are 30 students. Children have special activities in the church like Sunday school classes, prayer meetings, choirs and drama.

Youth are aged between 15 and 30 years. They outnumber adults in church service attendance. Youth activities include choir, drama, poems, Bible study and prayer meetings; besides spiritual activities they have income generating activities such as hostels and carpentry workshops.

Together with local partners, congregations and the community the Diocese is providing an important service to different groups who have been relegated to the periphery of the mainstream development. The aim is to enable them to develop themselves and to alleviate poverty. The programs include community capacity and capability building, income generating projects at small scale, Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS), HPI dairy cattle, dairy goats, local chicken and fish farming projects, environmental management and conservation program.

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