Mbwawa Secondary School
MBWAWA secondary school
P.O. Box 15
Mlandizi, Kibaha
Email: mbwawasecs@elctecd.org
Head Master: Mr. William T. Mainoya


Slogan: Knowledge and Wisdom for execellenceThe school is a church owned and managed school under the Western District of ELCT-ECD and offers classes from Form I-IV. It is located at Mbwawa village 11 km from Mlandizi township towards Bagamoyo along the Murram Road nearby Mbwawa Primary School.


To mould a respectable, accountable, knowledgeable and God-fearing Tanzanian (Prov.1:2)


*To provide quality education to students which shall develop an inquisitive mind by using all available resources to equip the student be able to apply the acquired knowledge for better performance (Prov.4:13)
*To instill a sense of responsibility and accountability to the student in order to realize and so play his/ her role in develpment of the nation
* To create and build confidence in the student which shall develop a visioned mind eager and ready to take up tasks for a better living
e.g. Football, netball, handball, volleyball, athelatics and many others

Students clean their classrooms and dormitories as well as the gardeing, farming and animal husbandry.

Teacher organize and supervise students in various Subject Clubs.

Students get guidance and counseling for their spiritually, mentally and physically growth.

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