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Diocese through its Headquarter implementing all its activities based on presented Strategic plan .

The headquarters of the Diocese drive its day by day activities as one part of the link to Diocese.

Thus, Strategic plans are designed to be integrated with other plans from the District Office, Parishes, Sub-parishes and from other Diocesan centers with the aim of having one Strategic Plan of the Eastern and Coastal Diocese.

The Strategic plan after being evaluated it’s classify the implementation of the budget for Diocesan Headquarter into two main category
➧Fiscal Review in the implementation of Strategic plan of the Headquarters.
➧The use of funds in the implementation of the Strategic Plan Headquarters.

The budget of specific financial year are prepared based on the purpose of the Strategic Plan. Implementation of these activities under the purpose of the Strategic Plan is divided into three main sections: –
➧ Operating Expenditure.
➧ The use of specialized software.
➧ Applications development activities.

Activities undertaken are divided into five main sections. This division focuses onFive goals of the Diocese which are: –
✟ Strengthening services and methods of preaching the Gospel at all levels of the Diocese
✟ To strengthen and improve social services at all levels of the Diocese
✟ To develop and improve sustainable sources of income.
✟ To develop the resources, infrastructure and governance.
✟ Protecting the environment and coping with climate change

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