Social Service’s Office

Deputy General Secretary
Social Services

Robert Charles


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITY OF HEALTHY UNIT: ✟ Provides medical support to hospitals, health centers and dispensaries, ✟ Coordinates health education programmes, ✟ Liaises with the Government or Medical Authorities on health and medical issues, ✟ Provides guidance on compliance to national medical standards
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITY OF SOCIAL SERVICES UNIT: ✟ Provides support in the formulation of social welfare programmes, ✟ Coordinates the implementation of social welfare programmes, ✟ Provides support in the creation of opportunities for the participation of special groups like youth, the disabled, etc in development work, ✟ Provides support to those in need especially the orphans and widows, be it physical, social or spiritual, ✟ Provides support in the formulation of programmes on poverty alleviation.
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITY OF GENERAL EDUCATION UNIT: ✟ Provides support in the coordination and supervision of the provision of general education to institutions/organs owned by the Diocese, ✟ Liaises with Government or Education Authorities on issues of the requirements in respect with the national education standards, ✟ Provides support and guidance on compliance of education standards – teacher/pupil ration, laboratory requirements, utilities and facilities etc
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITY OF WOMEN AFFAIR UNIT: ✟ Promotes income generating activities for women, with special focus on widows, ✟ Sensitizes women on awareness in regard to matters of women and children rights, land rights, voting rights etc ✟ Provides support in the creation of opportunities for the participation of women in development work.


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