Mission and Evangelism’s Office

Deputy Secretary General
Theology, Missions and Evangelism

Rev. Boniphace Kombo
Email: dgsmissions@elctecd.org

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITY OF THEOLOGY AND DIVINITY UNIT: ✟ Coordinates the study of God and Christian beliefs. ✟ Provides support in the understanding of Holy books and scriptures. ✟ Provides professional support to the clergy in furthering a deeper understanding of their roles and functions. ✟ Coordinates the recruitment of pastors ✟ Coordinates the preparations of Christian calendars events.
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITY OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION UNIT: ✟ Coordinates the development of curricula and course contents for Christian education classes, courses and seminars, ✟ Coordinates the planning and implementation of programmes for religious teaching in schools and colleges for purposes of deepening spiritual well-being. ✟ Coordinates the promotion of Bible study classes in Parishes and Sub-parishes. ✟ Coordinate the religious teaching in Sunday Schools in Parishes and Sub-parishes, as well as in Primary and Secondary Schools, and at tertiary institutions. ✟ Provides support in promoting specific youth programmes aimed at preparing the youth towards the eradication of poverty, e.g. income generating activities. ✟ Prepares and oversees programmes aimed at helping the youth to become good and responsible Christian citizens.
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITY OF MISSION AND EVANGELISM UNIT: ✟ Promotes and facilitates the spread of the Gospel ✟ Nurtures believers with a view to promoting spiritual growth ✟ Cultivates excellence in the pastoral ministry ✟ Coordinates the opening up of new areas for mission work. ✟ Coordinates the partnership relations of the Diocese

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